Celebrating 125 of service to the City of Lexington and the surrounding rural fire district.

          The Lexington Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1892. The department is a volunteer based organization that provides emergency fire suppression and emergency basic life support for the City of Lexington and the Lexington Rural Fire District.


       We currently provide emergency 911 response for a service area totaling more than 455 square miles.  “We Still Make House Calls!” In 2017 the fire department has put into service a new pumper truck and a second Lucas CRP unit. This equipment is now in both of our rescue units. Along with the CPR device we have a Defibulator in each unit.

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          At this time the LVFD is promoting “Every Second Counts” plan 2 ways out. We hope that families will sit down and discuss how to exit their home besides going out the front or back doors. If a fire would happen to start you need this type of plan before something happens. You should also discuss where you will meet outside the home and how you will do an accounting for everyone that was in the house. As a department we pre-plan building so that we have the knowledge of the lay out of the buildings and what we have to do to suppress a fire.

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        This year the Lexington Volunteer Fire Department is celebrating its 125 years of service to the community and surrounding fire district. On October 1, 2017 from 9 A.M. to 1 P.M. the department will be opening its doors to the public for the public to help us celebrate. We will have food and other activities for everyone.
In the past 125 years there have been over 183 members of the department who have given of their time and talents to helping provide fire and rescue coverage to the citizens of the City of Lexington and the Rural Fire District. The department has 4 firemen that have service the citizens for over 50 years each.

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        The dedication and commitment of our 39 volunteers enables us to respond to emergency situations with a number of well-trained individuals at any time, day or night. Our membership currently contains 25 certified EMT’s, 9 certified Scuba Divers and 10 individuals certified at a level of Firefighter I and II. We currently maintain and operate 11 fire and rescue service vehicles and average greater than 625 calls for service each year.
Our volunteers logged over 32,000 man-hours last year responding to calls for help from the citizens of our fire district. This averages out to about 800 hours per fire person helping people in need.

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        The department is always looking for men and women who would like to volunteer to help protect others property and lives to help carry on our tradition. If you are interested in this rewarding opportunity please contact any fire person and they can help you through the process of becoming a member. Without the generosity of the public over the past 125 years we couldn’t have kept our department expanding for the needs of each generation.
As time becomes a valuable commodity with younger recruit, we have to have the foresight to look into the future as to what it will take to keep what has been built the last 125 years to move the department forward for the next 125 years. This is why each year we reach out to the public to help support our efforts to keep the department strong for the future.


         Each year at this time we have a fund drive that helps us to build toward the future. This is the only time of the year that we ask the public for donations to help with extra equipment and needs of the department. We have been blessed the past 125 years form the great citizens of this community and fire district to help us with those needs.



We would like to say “Thank you” and we will be there when you need help.

Our Mission:

“Dedicated to protecting life and property in our community and fire district through professional delivered fire prevention and emergency services.”
We believe that service to our community and fire district is our reason for being and we strive to deliver quality services in a highly professional manner.

                                                                                           -The Lexington Volunteer Fire Department.